Blue-Green Algae Task Force Recommendations Perceptions of Water Quality & Harmful Algal Blooms in Florida: Causes and Management Opportunities From An Engaged Community September 19, 2019 Expand/Collapse September 19, 2019 Task Force RED (75th Ranger Regiment) HHC, 75th Ranger Regiment (-) [Ft. Benning, GA] 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment [Hunter Army Air Field, GA] 2d Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment [Ft. Lewis, WA] 3d Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment [Ft. Benning, GA] Task Force BLACK (3d Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group) According to the White House's Coronavirus Task Force, Colorado is among five more states added to the "red zone" this week, which means 100 cases or more per 100,000 population. The White House Coronavirus Task Force this week added a new color to its maps — “darkest red” — as it tried to convey the severity of the surge in coronavirus cases and deaths in weekly reports to governors. A White House Coronavirus Task Force report for Florida recommended stricter measures for stopping the virus including mask wearing at … RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina is in the “red zone” because of its high number of new cases of COVID-19, according to a private report from the White House Coronavirus Task Force that says the virus’ risk to all Americans is “at a historic high.” The most recent report, sent last week and dated […] JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS TASK FORCE. Colorado, the task force said, is now at 115 cases per 100,000. MASON CITY, Iowa - The White House Coronavirus Task Force once again warning certain states have reached the 'Red Zone,' seeing an excessive increase in COVID-19 cases. Task Force 88 is an American special operations unit formed since 11 September 2001, of which little is publicly known. Credit: WOI This image shows counties in red and yellow zones as reported by the White House coronavirus task force. By early August, the task force document listed 23 states in the red zone — right around the time Trump in an Axios interview brushed off concerns of … The 75th Ranger Regiment's Regimental Reconnaissance Company (formerly known as Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment, or RRD) is an elite special operations force that has been a member of Joint Special Operations Command since 2005. Iowa was one of the states singled out in the report. This article was originally published by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news organization based in Washington, D.C. The latest White House Coronavirus Task Force report reveals numerous towns and counties in Northeast Arkansas, including Craighead and Greene, lead the state in cases of COVID-19. It is described as a "hunter-killer team"1 with its core made up of Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment Rangers, members of the USAF 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and Navy DEVGRU operators.2 The unit was reported to be responsible for both the cross border raid into Syria … A red star means the county is in the red zone and a yellow star means they're in the yellow zone.