Currently the dietetic practise is closed for new patients. As of per May 1st the practice will re-open. 


Nowadays, the amount of information on healthy diets and corresponding lifestyles can be overwhelming. Both on the internet, in magazines as well as in books, numerous diets are described, such as Dr. Atkins, Dr. Frank, low carb, and high protein diet. All this information makes it hard to discriminate between what is really effective and what is not.

As a health scientist and dietician, I provide consultations on nutrition, diets, and a healthy lifestyle that fit your needs and help you reach your health goals. Voedings id stands for a personal approach and will work out solutions for your health.

For non-Dutch speaking persons, we provide dietetic counseling in English and - if required - in French (Krista) or Spanish (Jiske).

For more information or any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, by phone (working hours Monday - Friday) 06-344 02 486, via e-mail or the contact form.

Best regards,

Krista van Wolfswinkel, and Jiske van der Meulen


As dieticians we are trained to answer any questions with respect to nutrition and health including, for example, questions on diabetes mellitus, COPD, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, overweight or unwanted weight loss. Of course, allergies, religion-oriented or vegetarian diet requirements will be taken into account. For mentally disabled children the Happy Weight Stippenplan ('dots plan') is used.


Some insurance companies require a letter from your general practitioner stating that you need dietetic consultation. Ask your insurer whether such a referral letter is required. Please note that some insurance companies will not cover the cost without a referral letter. If no referral is required, we will perform a short assessment to see whether dietetic consultation is indicated. Depending on the outcome of this assessment, dietetic consultation may start or further consultation with your GP is required before proceeding with dietetic consultation.

Insurance and fees

Basic insurance policy includes three hours of dietetic consultation per year. Additional insurance may cover extra hours. Remember that if you have not used up the threshold amount (2015: € 350), you need to pay yourself until this amount has been reached. An introductory consultation comes free of charge, the fee for the first consultation (one hour) is € 60, and the fee for follow-up consultations (20 minutes) is € 20. The invoice will be sent straight to your insurer, with no administrative hassle for you.

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