The sports also share a vocabulary. Many teachers of a “softball swing” use reaction time as a reason to have a shorter more compact swing in softball than you do in baseball. Golf. The Lock Position naturally sets another important muscle, the Brachio-Radialis Muscle. Current PGA player Chad Campbell also has a noticeably flat backswing. Tue, 01/19/2010 - 13:00-- Don Trahan. A baseball player who is eagerly waiting for the ball is set with their back foot in place, ready to take action once they hit the ball. Let me let you in on a secret, you don’t have to be a child prodigy to have natural, confident, and consistent golf swing, even now as an adult. The reason that I broke down the sequence in this manner is the more you understand what a maneuver does, the more likely your subconscious mind will perform those motor skills. Hitting a baseball is an athletic motion, the swinging motion around your body; a golfer, while hitting the ball with a club, has a slight difference to that of a baseball swing in the air. This The Palmer Golf SPIKE Technique is used from the tee box to around the green that is exactly the same golf swing sequence that you can practice with to develop your tee-to-green golf swing. Swinging focuses on the movement of the arms to create speed and is usually associated with the classic players of years past; it was difficult to play any other way when clubs had hickory shafts. The swings are quite similar in that if a baseball player has a good baseball swing, they can apply the same principles in golf to make incredible shots. You have all the motor skills you need to develop a consistent and confident golf swing already, which is a good thing, because we aren’t going to develop new ones. With balance, flexibility and strength both can create a similar clubhead or bat speed. The significant difference is that the baseball swing is parallel to the ground because the baseball itself is seen to move in the air once hit. The other function this muscle/tendon does is that it grips the handle of the golf club. → Icing on Your Cake- Fitness/Toning, to Burn Away Your Fat: → X-Fitness- Survival Guide to Retirement and Independent Living, → ESPY APP- Ergonomics for the Golfer to Prevent Back Issues, → Observing a Safe Work Zone Environment with Ergonomics, → Steps Golfers can take to Avoid Debilitating Lower Back Pain, → Addressing Lower Back Issues in a Seated Position, → Cross-training Coach Golf Swing Technique, → Sport of Golf for Cognitive Behavior Training, → SR925 Classic Golf Swing Used for Fitness, → SR925 Juggernaut 4 Healthy Weight Control, → Johns Hopkins Paper: Coffee and Improved Memory, → The SR925 Diet Program WF Compound Effect, → SR925 Diet, A Defense Against Alzheimer’s, → 5-Minute Dynamic Golf Swing Workout Prep, 925-MET Diet Weight Factor- How to Enjoy Food & Lose Weight. Both the golf swing and baseball swing are seen to be similar in the same hand, and arm and they exhibit almost the same swing motion, which later produces ball flight in both cases. B. I had more of linear swing, and I wasn’t getting the most out of my abilities. Golf Swing VS Baseball Swing. On the other hand, a golf swing is perceived to be stationary towards the ground. I stepped, hands are here, I am looking at the ball coming in. To make it a baseball swing,you would need to be bent over at the hips more than 45 degrees which nobody does. Athletic level as a player: If you are gifted in this, then you can be assured that ball practice isn’t going to affect you. Golf Swing: Similarities and Differences. Golf Swing If Your Baseball Swing with a Bat is more fluid/Consistent than Your Golf Swing with a Club For those of us that spent long summer days playing baseball, you developed dexterity in both fielding and batting to a point that you didn’t even think about fielding or hitting, you just reacted instinctively. This is one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to the comparison of the two. The hooks and the slices struck by a baseball bat are fewer than the curves that a golfer can apply to a golf ball with a club, Golf is best played when one keeps the ball straight and narrow, which is a different case in baseball where curves are known to be less in degree, and the field itself is much more extensive, It is of paramount importance to always put the right arm straight in golf while in baseball, your left arm should be bent. In this video, my buddy Drew tells me how he hits a baseball and applies it to his golf swing. The thing is, the flat hitting area of the club face and the act of over-rotating during the impact will bring about more spin and curve to the golf ball. The only motor skills that golfers can rely on are our skills we developed before the age of ten (10). How often you play golf: Golf can be a routine, and once you are glued, you may borrow the tactics in your baseball game. The swing itself is diagonal, and it is carried out on a tilted plane on the ground. Home > Daily Video Blog > Golf Swing vs. Golf swing Vs Baseball swing they are very similar in that they both develop momentum from the ground up using a chain reaction of legs, hips, shoulders and arms. Baseball Swing vs. The key muscle that is my target muscle to start my golf swing is called the Palmaris Longus Muscle/tendon. Outside of this very small region the direction your shoulders are aiming is further to the right of the target on the down swing and further to the left of the target on the follow through (opposite for lefties). These two muscles are important in establishing the Kinetic Chain of both swings. The Palmer-Dorsiflex maneuver not only takes the clubhead back along the target line, the Palmer-Dorsiflex naturally Syncs the wrists into the Preset Lock Position, this is shown in both time-lapse photographs. Both arms are extended during the impact. If the pinkie is not long and strong enough the golfers risks seeing it slip out of position during the golf swing, rather than staying securely in place. These two professional athletes performed the Palmer-Dorsiflex to lock their wrists in their setup maneuver. This results from the baseball bat being round, and the face of the golf club being flat. The overlay and positions of their swings were very close to one another when the comparison was done. Now here’s my golf swing, there is my baseball swing. THE QATSPY® Your Personal Sports Training Athletic Quarters, THE QATSPY® APP: Baseball Swing Vs. This is not simple for an individual who is both a golfer and a baseball player. On the other hand, golfers swing back, raising the hip to the top to initiate the backswing loading at their back foot. Just like the club face, the same place which the bat impacts is the same place the ball goes. What is great about The Palmer D-PRO Golf Technique for the average golfer is that it can be performed in the same area where you practice your putting as I have in the training video below. Golf swing I waggle, I turn, I start my swing down. “They help me create power, and you don’t need all-star talent to use them,” he adds. In other words WE SUBCONSCIOUSLY PERFORM, WE DON’T THINK in performance! You heard that you have to go to war with the army you have, not what you wish you had. The time or period of the year in which you play golf: Do not mix both practices even though they seem to have similar swing tactics. Want more consistency in your game? As a final step of the exercise move your swing plane all the way back down to fully return to your golf swing while continuing to feel that same motion with the hands, arms, and hips shifting though the ball. You have identified major differences seen between the two swings. As an avid golfer, Brett uses these baseball-swing basics to regularly shoot in the 70s and even in the 60s. Even with two outs and two strikes in the last inning you were able to swing the bat without nerves of uncertainty. That is, the force impacted will determine how the direction of the ball in flight. Baseball Swing. You can Purchase this 69-page download below with illustrations, videos as above, and strength training for a price you would spend on a dozen golf balls that you will start reusing instead of losing: Also, as part of THE QATSPY® Yankee Personal-Style Traditional Apparel Quarters is my line of custom apparel that I wear for various occasions: My Health & Fitness Program was so effective that it worked for me even at age 63, shown above and below. They all have the same combination of hips, legs, arms, and shoulder reactions to impacting the momentum of the ball from the ground. THE QATSPY® APP: Baseball Swing Vs. What helped me to compare the baseball swing vs. golf swing was the batter was hitting a low sinker pitch that placed his forearms, wrists, and bat in the same orientation of the golfer’s forearms, wrists, and golf club. Morning Drive. The slicing should always be open for the impact, If this is done correctly in baseball, then it will send the ball right over the mound into the right target center of the field. In golf you have the opportunity to practice the perfect swing because that little ball is not moving. To him, it was never the case of the golf swing vs. the baseball swing to him. Yet, just like many other sports moves … a baseball swing is very similar to a golf swing. See some similarities there? This helped considerably. In golf,the ball is on the ground. This may seem counter-intuitive, since the later loading sounds like it would take more strength, but it actually takes less strength… or rather, it is done at a point in the swing where a player is better able to use the strength they have. Golf Swing Vs Baseball Swing. Baseball Grip – 10 Finger Golf Grip Finally we have what is called the baseball grip, or otherwise known as the 10 finger grip. I actually hear this question or some variation of it where a golfer feels that their baseball swing is hurting their golf swing.